Trucchi Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, location collezionabili


In Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark ci sono ben tre tipi di collezionabili da raccogliere nel corso della storia – su console PS3:

-Billboards: Not much to say, other than not all billboards are able to be broken. They do not glow. They usually are found ontop of buildings.
-Audio Logs: Small, VHS looking items. They glow blue and make a sound that sounds similar to a submarine radar.
-Weapons Lockers: These are the lockers you use in all the other chapters but these glow red.

Vediamo, dunque, dove trovarli capitolo per capitolo cominciando dai Billboards.

Capitolo 1
-One: This is located just after you get a gun from the gun locker. It isn’t too hard to notice, it is to the left of the gas tank you shoot to get to the next area. Says: Our Planet, Their War.
-Two: When you destroy a tank on the bridge to make a ramp for yourself, head up the ramp and look to the buildings to your right. There’s a billboard in between two buildings and one on top of one of them. Shoot the one on the building. Says: Warning: Your town could be next
-Three: Right after walking out of the tunnel, turn around and look up on top of the building to the right. Says: Just Say No.
-Four: In the plaza, look to the roofs of the outer buildings. Says: Keep Earth Human.
-Five: Right after the cutscene where Optimus and Bumblebee jump down from the building, head forward and to the left. Says: We Will Never Be Safe With Them.
-Six: Right after Lockdown’s Ship shows itself and flies away, jump down to the next objective. When you drop down from the hole in the building, look straight at the building in front of you. Says: Aliens Are Dangerous Report All Sightings.

Continuiamo con gli Audiologs.

Capitolo 2
-One: When you drop down from the circular ledge right before you meet up with Starscream and Shockwave. Drop down to where you meet the other two and head past the wall to the left to the secluded area. Climb the hill leading to a platform in the far right corner.
-Two: When you change over to Soundwave after playing as Shockwave one time,look down through the bridge. Jump down to some pipes near the bridge.
-Three: When you change over to Shockwave for the second time, look up and fly to the ledge and enter the room.

Capitolo 3
-One: In the chasm that you have to grapple hook through, go all the way to way to the back wall. There will be a terminal in one of the rooms you encounter. Keep moving to the right until you find another room. Grapple to the room and follow it outside to see two ammo clips, a primary and a secondary. Drop down to the ledge below where there is a Gear Shredder.
-Two: This one is a little tricky. Right after dealing with the big insecticons that you need to melee to defeat, head to the next objective.Before jumping down the hole in the floor, go to the far right corner and jump into the hole in the wall to the right.
-Three: This one is in the room that you call for a train AFTER calling for it not before.

Capitolo 4
-One: After defeating Ironhide and head into the next area, where an Autobot attempts to kill Shockwave with a rocket launcher, fly forward into the chasm and to the right, passed one platform and to the next. It is in the ledge below the platform, which has an energon cube and an ammo clip on it.

Capitolo 5
-One: In the part of the Sea of Rust that you pull three levers, head up the spiral mountain (a lever is located at the very top) but before you reach the top, look towards the area you came in at, jump-dash to the wall you see in front of you.
-Two: It is located just outside the rom where Shockwave has to open the door and Swindle and Sharpshot are arguing with each other. It is straight ahead, all you have to do is jump-dash to it.
-Three: When you encounter Cliffjumper and have to pursue him, head all the way to the top of the ramps. There’ll be a ramp going down and one going off to the right. Going down is the way to the next objective, going off to the right leads you to a small room with the Audio Log.

Capitolo 6
-One: This is in the room with three Enforcers. Continue on past the third one on the bridge into a small room at the very end of the bridge.
-Two: Found in the area you have to take down a Titan. It will be all the way to the left, same side as the entrance to the area.

Capitolo 7
-One: After the drive on the highway, drop down to the road below and head towards the next objective. This is on the left side of the road, right before you pry open the first door.
-Two: Found in the big room where you Jazz talks about taking out turrets (and also where you overhear two Decepticons arguing about why they had to do recycling duty). Deactivate the turrets and head up to the next objective. It is in the small room before you head into the door to the next room. It is behind a crate.
-Three: This one is easy. It is on the path right after Jazz says “Nothing we can’t handle.” Look to the left behind a crate, it’s in plain sight.
-Four: In the defense grid room, after the third grid is destroyed, go up the ramp near the generator. This is across from the area you need to get to.
-Five: When you find Cliffjumper in a prison cell, head directly to your right before heading down to save Cliffjumper.

Capitolo 9
-One: After deactivating the shields on the turrets and taking them out, and after you interact with the computer. Pry open the door to the next objective. You’ll see it once you walk up the ramp (to the left are two ceiling turrets).

E finiamo con i Weapons Lockers.

Capitolo 13
-One: On the bridge you start off on, stampede forward. It is on the right side of the bridge. It’s hard to miss, you’ll probably not even see it and will break it while fighting Decepticons.
-Two: When you and Optimus split up, head down to the next objective, it’ll be between two buildings.
-Three: When you enter the area you have to fight a Titan and a bunch of mercenaries, look towards the buildings. It’s near one of them.
-Four: This one is found in the area where you have to destroy three beacons by throwing rubble (or mercenaries) at them and face off against some leapers. This is located to the left of the bridge where you meet the very last leaper. Can’t miss it.
-Five: This is found right before meeting up with the others. Follow the street you drop down to until you reach an intersection, turn left. You’ll see it from the intersection, behind one of the buildings.
-BONUS- There’s a sixth one in the area where you defend Optimus. When facing Optimus, head to the right. So if you missed one, this is your last chance at destroying five weapons lockers.

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