Sacred 3: lista obiettivi Xbox 360

Xbox One

Ecco la lista degli obiettivi del prossimo Sacred 3 che arriverà in Agosto per la console Xbox 360 e per sistemi Windows PC. Buona lettura. In questo elenco non sono inclusi gli achievements segreti.

  • Welcome to Ancaria 15: Complete the Rank 1 mission
  • Journey’s End 15: Complete all Rank 2 missions
  • Sacred Ancaria 30: Complete all main missions on Legend difficulty
  • Sacred Savior 90: Complete all main missions on Deity difficulty
  • Skilled Culture 15: Max out any culture’s Combat Arts, Skills, and Equipment trees
  • Perfectionist 30: Max out all cultures’ Combat Arts, Skills, and Equipment trees
  • Overprepared 90: Unlock all item upgrades
  • In a Blink of an Eye 30: Defeat something big with only one hit using a smart bomb
  • Ding! 10: Get a level up
  • Regular 15: Reach level 10 with any character
  • Experienced 30: Reach level 30 with any character
  • Veteran 90: Reach level 50 with any character
  • Couch Party 15: Complete one main mission in local co-op mode
  • Party Like It’s 1999 30: Complete all main missions in local co-op mode
  • On the Line 15: Complete a main mission with three other players
  • Online Master 15: Complete all main missions with three other players
  • Leading by Example 30: Complete a main mission as the top scorer in a game with three other players
  • Tons of Damage 15: Achieve the highest multiplier in a damage run
  • Who You Gonna Call? 90: Break the shields of all ghostly orbs and destroy them in a single phase
  • One For All 15: Use your Battle Prayer 10 times
  • Bodyguard 15: Interrupt five enemies while they are targeting other players
  • Medic! 15: Revive every other player in a single mission with three other players
  • Speak No Evil 15: Stop the Unspeakable Evil
  • Group Hug 30: Kill 8 Grimmoc-sized enemies with one attack
  • Arts Training 15: Use your Combat Arts 80 times in N’Aquali during a single playthrough
  • Judge, Jury, Executioner 30: Execute 5 enemies in a row
  • Too Close 15: Die from an explosive destructible
  • Multi Culti 15: Complete a mission with four characters from different cultures in co-op mode
  • Untrollable 30: Kill a Troll without getting hit by it in single player mode
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