FIFA 10 Xbox 360: obiettivi sbloccabili

Xbox 360

FIFA 10 Xbox 360

La data di uscita per FIFA 10 si avvicina sempre di più, fissata e confermata per il 2 Ottobre in Europa. Se siete interessati a questo gioco di certo avete già scaricato e testato a dovere la FIFA 10 demo. Gli utenti Xbox 360 saranno invece lieti di dare una sbirciata agli obiettivi sbloccabili che EA e Microsoft hanno rilasciato.

Si contano 44 obiettivi per un totale di 1000G, molti dei quali uguali al capitolo precedente.

FIFA 10 – Achievements Xbox 360

FIFA Fever5 G
Catch the Fever by beating someone on Xbox LIVE who already has it
Shooting Boots5 G
Score 5 goals in 1 Arena kick-about
Off the Woodwork15 G
Score off the post or cross bar in a match
Camera Man10 G
Upload a video to EA SPORTS™ Football World
Hard Earned Win10 G
Beat a 5 Star team with a ½ Star team on Xbox LIVE or against Professional difficulty or higher
Grind it Out10 G
Win a match with 10 men on Xbox LIVE or when playing on Professional difficulty or higher
Cup Upset10 G
Win a 16 team Tournament with a 1 Star team when playing on Professional difficulty or higher
Wheeler Dealer15 G
Buy 50 players in your Manager Mode career
Challenging Schedule45 G
Complete a Manager Mode Season without simming a game
Good Friend25 G
Create a goal for a Friend with a cross
Real Fan50 G
Play for over fifty hours
Well Travelled25 G
Win a match in every stadium
Total Control5 G
Win a match with fully manual settings (no assistance can be switched on)
Top of the League?10 G
Win a match in a Friends League
Photographer10 G
Upload a Screenshot to EA SPORTS™ Football World
Lounging Around10 G
Score 2500 points and win 5 Badges in a single Lounge Mode match
A Star Is Born10 G
Create a Virtual Pro
Around The World15 G
Play a match with a team from every league
Always Available35 G
Complete a season in Be A Pro: Seasons without simming a game
Underdog20 G
Win an Xbox LIVE Head to Head Ranked match using a weaker team than your opponent
Experimental20 G
Play 5 consecutive Xbox LIVE Head to Head Ranked matches using a different team
Ton up100 G
Win 100 Online Classic Ranked Matches
Team Player25 G
Play a Pro Club Championship match as a full team (10 players)
Skilled Pro25 G
Unlock 100 EA SPORTS™ Football World Accomplishments with your Virtual Pro
Looking Good10 G
Download your Game Face from EA SPORTS™ Football World
Recognise Anyone?5 G
Download your Club member Game Faces from EA SPORTS™ Football World
Double Champs40 G
Win consecutive League titles in any top tier League in Manager Mode
Climbing the Ladder45 G
Win consecutive promotions with the same Club in Manager Mode
The Treble75 G
Win 3 trophies in 1 Manager Mode Season
Established50 G
Become a 5 Star Manager
No Pressure35 G
Achieve 100% Board Confidence at any Club in Manager Mode
Window shopping5 G
Visit the FIFA 10 Store
Theatre of Dreams10 G
Upgrade your Stadium Manager to Level 10
Globetrotter30 G
Win titles in all 5 major European Leagues (England, France, Italy, Germany & Spain)
Phoenix from the Ashes25 G
Make a 5 Star team out of a 2 Star team or lower within 5 seasons in Manager Mode
Good Form20 G
Play 5 consecutive Xbox LIVE Head to Head Ranked matches without losing
Practice Makes Perfect10 G
Work on your skills in Practice Mode
Limited Resources50 G
Win a League or Cup in Manager Mode with a 1 Star team or lower
SET 2009 17

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